On speech

Hey, it's me again, doing my best to actually "blog" "regularly" (insert canned audience laughter here). So, you might wonder, what's she on about this time? Well, folks, this time I'm talking - er, typing - about speech and the treatment of NV (nonverbal) people. I'm going to start by admitting that before I did … Continue reading On speech

My favourite things about being autistic

So, recently on placement I was asked a question I've never been asked before in the 28 years I've been alive. An SLT turned to me and asked, "What's your favourite thing about being autistic?" I was floored. My favourite? I'm used to telling people the hard parts, of course, because that's what they're (naturally!) … Continue reading My favourite things about being autistic

On Labels

Well, I recently (...fairly recently!) talked to my mother about being on the spectrum, and she told me that I was diagnosed when I was 2 1/2 years old, not 4 like I'd previously thought (although my diagnosis was never kept secret from me... Maybe I had four stuck in my head because I used to have … Continue reading On Labels


Well, I suppose I should start this post by apologising once again for how long it takes me to do anything. And secondly, I want to share something. I'm asexual. So that makes yet another spectrum I'm on, aside from the ASD spectrum, haha. Ash (of the very informative and engaging Ash Rambles - seriously, … Continue reading Spectrum