Asexuality (Again)

[CONTENT NOTE: Discussions of (a)sexuality, etc. Slight mentions of abuse in the second article I link to.] Hello again, everybody! Now usually I'm a pretty placid person (insert canned audience laughter here) but I recently saw a post that made me so annoyed I swear my eyes rotated far enough back into my head for … Continue reading Asexuality (Again)


On Turning 27

(CONTENT NOTE: Mentions of suicide here and there. So if you don't want to read this, I won't blame you!) Yep, as of Monday the 3rd of December, roughly 1:01 AM, I will be 27! This means that, according to a study I found (note: uses "high-" and "low-functioning" as terms, mentions of suicide)┬átechnically I'm … Continue reading On Turning 27


Well, I suppose I should start this post by apologising once again for how long it takes me to do anything. And secondly, I want to share something. I'm asexual. So that makes yet another spectrum I'm on, aside from the ASD spectrum, haha. Ash (of the very informative and engaging Ash Rambles - seriously, … Continue reading Spectrum